Essential Oil Abundance

Are you experiencing just enough to get by or abundance? Contrast the flow of water in these two waterfalls as an example. Start enjoying essential oil abundance today.Aside from wellness and purpose, essential oil abundance is one reason why people get involved with Young Living Essential Oils.


How to Obtain Essential Oil Abundance

Depending on a person’s drive and ambition, income opportunities with this company can accomplish any or all of these:

  • funding a hobby;
  • replacing your current income; and/or
  • building wealth.

On this page, we begin showing how independent distributors earn money with Young Living Essential Oils.


Give People What They Want and Need

Zig Ziglar was quoted as saying, “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

The secret is in finding consumable products or services that people want to buy.

So, what do people want to buy?

These are the five reasons why people spend money:

  1. to save money;
  2. to save time;
  3. to make money;
  4. to escape pain; or
  5. to receive pleasure.

Young Living Essential Oils are consumable products that — in a unique and valuable way — can fulfill all of those reasons at certain points in people’s lives. Truly, they can provide essential oil abundance.


Overcoming Limitations on Income

The biggest limitation that each of us has is time. We have only a limited number of hours each day in which to market our products or services. None of us gets more than anyone else.

But there’s a way to overcome that limitation: with leverage.

Many of the richest people in the world have used leverage in business.

John D. Rockefeller — who “became the world’s richest man and the first American worth more than a billion dollars” — was quoted as saying,

“I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.”

People can earn one of two types of income, linear or leveraged, with descriptions as follows:

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Leveraged Income Visualized

In the two images below, we contrast the difference between

  • your effort alone and
  • the effort of your network

to meet (for example) your retirement needs.


Your Efforts Alone

Planning for retirement needs based on your efforts alone may look like this fulcrum and leverage illustration.

Obviously, a lot of factors are involved with being able to save up for your retirement needs based on your effort alone.

Let’s shift our focus to leveraged time, effort and income.

What if you could assemble a team of people — a network — of folks whom you help to help others to help others down a certain number of levels?


Effort of Your Network

The efforts of a team or network of people helping you to meet your retirement needs with enough left over to leave a legacy may be illustrated like this.


Only Six Arrows?

In the second illustration above, we showed six arrows in your network to help you achieve essential oil abundance. Why only six?

In Young Living’s compensation plan, the highest “rank” or leadership levels — and hence the highest opportunities to be paid — require only 6 people to help you build your organization. That’s all. Just six.

Would you like to enjoy Young Living abundance? If so, see the power of networking.


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