Is Becoming Financially Independent a Myth?

Is it possible to become financially independent on your own or by yourself?

Is it possible to be financially independent on your own or by yourself?Is becoming financially independent a myth? Is it even possible to be financially independent on your own or by yourself?


What Does It Mean to Be Financially Independent?

Different people have different definitions for being financially independent, including not being dependent on an employer for one’s paycheck or livelihood.

This group of people may be business owners, entrepreneurs or Independent Distributors for a network marketing business.

If one has enough regular income to meet all of his or her needs without having to worry about where the money will come from — such as from sound investments — then perhaps that person can be called by such a name.

Even so, someone somewhere has to manage those investments, right?

We recall from a television show called “Hart to Hart” (from the 1970s) that Jonathan Hart’s employee referred to his boss as a “self-made millionaire”. When it comes to working hard in one’s own business, yes, it is possible to earn lots of money.

But we suggest that no one is truly independent. For example:

  • We were dependent on our parents to be born.
  • We have been — and possibly still are — dependent on our teachers and mentors to help us learn how to be successful.
  • We are most likely dependent on others to supply something in our lives, such as food, vehicles, electricity, construction items, computers, Internet service, etc.

In business, we have a measure of interdependency: suppliers, sellers, buyers. We all need one another.


Can Anyone Truly Become Wealthy Independently?

It takes a team of people to earn money. Sellers are dependent upon buyers.Business owners and entrepreneurs are still dependent upon their customers to buy products or services from them in order to keep the money rolling in.

To that extent, no one is a “self-made man” or “self-made woman”.

In a legitimate network marketing business, the money that an Independent Distributor earns comes from the sales of people in his or her organization who buy the products or services.

The distributor doesn’t worry about creating or manufacturing the product or service, but shares it so that others can buy through him/her.

If the people in his/her organization don’t buy the products, the distributor won’t get a commission check. It’s as simple as that.

That’s why we encourage people to build relationships. People do business with those whom they know, like and trust.


For What Are You Looking?

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Share with us what you consider to be the meaning of financial independence and how much it is worth to you. We look forward to helping you meet your needs.