Become a Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils, an Independent Distributor

How to Become a Distributor — an Independent Distributor — for Young Living Essential Oils

Congratulations on your decision to become a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils — or at least learn what is involved.

Thousands of people have done so for reasons of

Sharing products with others to earn money is something you can do after you become a distributor with Young Living Essential OilsIf earning money is important to you and you want to know how much money you can earn, please take a look at Young Living’s Income Disclosure Statement.

On this page, we’re going to cover exactly what it takes to become an independent distributor.

On other pages, we will cover how to become successful in your new Young Living business.


The Sign-Up Form

Pull up Young Living’s sign-up form in your browser. Immediately, you will notice that you have a choice to become either:

  • [a Wholesale] Member or
  • [a] Retail Customer.

The default setting is for the former. Only a wholesale member can go on to become a distributor for Young Living.

If becoming a distributor is what you want to do, do you want to join under your own name or through your own company? (Note: There are tax advantages or tax benefits to setting up your Young Living business as a home-based business. You may want to talk with your tax advisor about this.)

Hopefully, you will see a number — 1398119 — in two fields on the page. That’s our member ID. You will be asked to confirm that you want to become a wholesale member through NKBJ INFONET, LLC. That’s us. (If you see a different number or name, please correct this.)


Choose a Starter Kit and Other Options

The next step is for you to choose your Starter Kit (which is required for membership). All Premium Starter Kits are a good value. Vicki has done the work to let you compare Premium Starter Kits side-by-side and also see the savings over buying the items separately.

If you want to proceed with signing up for monthly rewards and savings, you can do so farther down that page.


What Independent Distributors Agree To

For those wholesale members who wish to become a distributor for Young Living, we encourage you to take the time to read through the two documents by Young Living Essential Oils that you must agree with before becoming a distributor: