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No matter what the special day, week, or month, there’s at least one Young Living product that applies or corresponds, such as the ones we list in our exclusive PDF documents, which we make available to our team members.

Selected titles of our essential oils-focused PDFs are:

  • June is Rebuild Your Life Month (a great resource for those needing “rebuilding”);
  • July 26 is National All or Nothing Day (a great resource for those living big);
  • August 17 is National Thrift Shop Day (a great resource for frugal and thrifty people);
  • September 9 is National Teddy Bear Day (a great resource for children);
  • October 4 is World Animal Day (a great resource for pets);
  • Fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving Day (a great resource for families);
  • December 25th is Christmas Day (a great resource to prepare for the holiday);
  • January 1st is New Year’s Day (a great resource for setting goals and making resolutions); and
  • February 14 is Valentine’s Day (a great resource for couples and about romance).

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