Young Living as a Business: Answers to the 5 Most Common Questions

Sharing Young Living's essential oils at a home party is one way to treat Young Living as a business.If you’re considering Young Living as a business, then you’ll need answers to the 5 most common questions people have about starting a business as a Young Living Independent Distributor. (Disclaimer: Information on this page is based on but expanded from this video.)

The five most common questions that people ask before signing up as Young Living Independent Distributors are:

  1. How does this business work?
  2. How much money can I earn?
  3. What do I have to do?
  4. How do I get paid?
  5. What do I have to do to begin?



Young Living as a Business: How Does This Business Work?

The Young Living business model is similar to a real estate or insurance model in which a broker has agents. If you are considering Young Living as a business, you need to know the similarities to and differences from this model.

Let’s imagine a real estate brokerage in which every time an agent sells a piece of property, a commission of 6% is split evenly between the broker and the agent. If a broker has 6 agents working for him/her, we can visualize the brokerage this way:

An illustration showing leveraged income in a real estate brokerage.

Who in this business model is leveraging his/her time and money?

The broker!

Now let’s imagine that one of those agents sees how the broker is leveraging his/her time and wants to do the same. If the agent becomes a broker elsewhere, we visualize it this way:

When a real estate agent breaks away from an existing brokerage to start another nearby, there is competition.

If the new brokerage is nearby, the new broker has now become the old broker’s competition!

Not so with Young Living Essential Oils!

In a network marketing business, helping someone to create a new business builds one's network.With Young Living, when an “agent” – whom we call a “distributor” – develops his/her own team, that team stays with the original team.

That’s why we call it a “networking” business. We work together as a team with like-minded individuals to bring lifestyle value to others.

At 6 people per level down to 5 levels, the number of distributors in the team becomes:
6 x 6 x 6 x 6 x 6 = 7,776 distributors.

At left, we visualize a network of just 6 distributors (in blue, level 1) with 3 distributors each (in green, level 2).

The power of networking is immense and the income that can come from it is also immense. That’s one reason why you should consider Young Living as a business.



Young Living as a Business: How Much Money Can I Earn?

Young Living has leadership “ranks” which they categorize into three major sections:

  • Creating a foundation;
  • Building your business; and
  • Developing leaders.

We have purposely color-coded the tables in the image below to correspond to Young Living’s Compensation Plan. The names of the ranks are in bold font face and the average monthly income for each rank — which come from Young Living’s 2015 Worldwide Income Disclosure Statement — is listed beneath it.

If you are considering Young Living as a business, the names of the leadership ranks may not mean as much to you as the income or how the income helps you to meet certain income goals (which are marked):

  • First goal: getting your products paid for.
  • Second goal: making a profit.
  • Third goal: making residual income.
  • Fourth goal: replacing your income.

Independent Distributors' average monthly income by rank within Young Living Essential Oils, based on 2015 Worldwide Income Disclosure Statement.

To put the income potential into perspective, let’s reverse calculate how much money we would have to have in the bank, earning a certain percentage of interest, in order to earn a monthly income.

In October 2014 and again in January 2017, we checked for average savings account rates and were able to find very few savings accounts with interest rates at or above 1%. Most are well below 1%, but for the sake of simplicity, we are going to set the interest rate at 1%.

Investment amount to earn monthly income by interest rate of 1 percent.

Can you see the benefit of Young Living as a business based on this information?



Young Living as a Business: What Do I Have to Do?

The best way to make money with Young Living as a business is to:

  • Use your Young Living products to have your own experiences and create your own story.
  • Share the value of Young Living products and how they have helped you. We’re always sharing with people, so why not get paid for what you’ve found value in?
  • Ask which matters most to them right now: wellness, purpose or abundance. Depending on how they answer, share with them how Young Living can help them. You may find that others are interested in Young Living as a business, just as you are!
  • Talk with folks about Young Living as you go about your everyday schedule. To ramp up your business, consider
    • scheduling appointments,
    • hosting Wellness at Home parties or
    • having conference calls, webinars or other events online or through social media.

One of the great things about having Young Living as a business is that you can work it based on your time schedule.



Young Living as a Business: How Do I Get Paid?

A Young Living Independent Distributor shares the business opportunity with others.Young Living rewards you for sharing the value of their products according to their compensation plan.

The Compensation Plan shows how the Unilevel Commission structure pays out to “five degrees of separation” (or five levels down) but how higher ranks pay out to the 8th generation.

We describe how abundant the income can be on our power of networking page and answer the question about earning your first 300 dollars ($300) to make a profit quickly.

* PV = Personal Volume, which is the point value given to each product. For many products, PV is the same as the wholesale cost of the product. Consult the most recent Product Price List for exact information. For example, in all Premium Starter Kits are assigned 100 PV in the Product Price List.



Young Living as a Business: What Do I Have to Do to Begin?

We describe this in detail on our become a distributor page.

Are you ready to get started?

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