Your First 300 Dollars ($300) in Young Living; Earn a Profit Quickly

How can you earn your first 300 dollars ($300) as an Independent Distributor with Young Living Essential Oils?Earning a profit quickly is important in any business. How can you earn your first 300 dollars ($300) if you’ve chosen Young Living as a business?


Ways Young Living Pays

Young Living’s Compensation Plan contains all of the details about how the company rewards you for sharing the value of their products, summarized as:

  • Fast Start Bonus
    • Earn a generous 25% bonus, up to $200 each, on your new, personally enrolled distributors’ orders (PV*) during the first three calendar months.
    • Second-level enrollers earn 10%, up to $80 each, on newly enrolled distributors’ orders (PV*) during first three calendar months.
  • Start Living Bonus (aka Starter Kit Bonus): Earn a one-time $25 cash bonus when your new, personally enrolled distributor orders the Premium Starter Kit. (Basic kits do not qualify.)
  • Retail Earnings: When you personally sponsor retail customers, you may earn the 24% difference between the retail and wholesale price for their orders.
  • Commissions
    • Unilevel Commission Percentages:
      • Level 1: 8%
      • Level 2: 5%
      • Level 3: 4%
      • Level 4: 4%
      • Level 5: 4%
    • Generation Commission Percentages (as shown)
  • Bonuses.

While the Unilevel structure pays out to “five degrees of separation” (or five levels down), higher ranks pay out to the 8th generation. We describe how abundant the income can be on our power of networking page.

* All commissions are paid on the basis of “PV” (which stands for “Personal Volume”) of those in your network.


Why Focus on Your First 300 Dollars ($300)?

We focus on your first 300 dollars because — according to our “Young Living as a Business” page — it is at the $300 mark that a person has his/her 100 PV minimum order paid for and provides a $200 profit.

Why is 100 PV the minimum order? That’s the level that Young Living has set in their compensation plan. Compare the following:

  • Some network marketing companies require a growing minimum order in order for associates to continue earning money.
  • No matter which rank you achieve in Young Living, the minimum order is 100 PV in order to earn all commissions and bonuses. It never goes up.

This is another clear reason why building a business with Young Living is the right decision for many!


Your First 90 Days in Young Living

Just as you wouldn’t expect to lose a substantial amount of weight in one month, you wouldn’t expect to make huge amounts of money in just one month in a new business. This is why we look at the first 90 days in Young Living.

Let’s focus on what happens when you sponsor and enroll someone (an “enrollee”) who places a 100 PV order which consists of a Premium Starter Kit:
The types of bonuses that are available when someone whom you sponsor and enroll purchases a Premium Starter Kit as a wholesale member.

When you enroll and sponsor 2 people like this in a month, you earn $100.

But let’s look at what happens during the first 90 days in business if you do this and teach those whom you enroll and sponsor to do the same thing.

Can you make your first 300 dollars in Young Living in 90 days?

The potential bonuses and commissions that are available your first three months when you enroll two and there is duplication.

To Answer the Question

So, can you make your first 300 dollars in Young Living in 90 days so that you can make a profit quickly?

Yes! The example above shows what happens when you sponsor and enroll only 2 people each month and teach them to do the same. Based on the enrollment and sponsorship activity shown above, you can earn more than double your first 300 dollars ($300) within your first 90 days.

What happens if if you sponsor and enroll more than 2 people and teach them to duplicate?

The more people whom you and your organization enroll and sponsor — and who keep buying 100 PV in product per month — the more money you earn. Because people see the value of Young Living products — and the Young Living business opportunity — they want to keep ordering month after month.

The advantage of a network marketing business is that you can build residual income. Not only can you profit from Young Living, but you can profit over and over again in larger and larger amounts.


Starting the Fourth Month

One lady sharing Young Living Essential Oils with another lady.

What happens starting the 4th month? The Fast Start Bonus lasts for 3 calendar months. After that, you earn

  • Unilevel Commission Percentages,
  • Generation Commission Percentages and
  • applicable bonuses

according to the compensation plan, based on orders of those in your organization.

Your first 300 dollars ($300) is just the beginning with Young Living. Please see Young Living’s Income Disclosure Statement to see what others have done. Of course, you may make more than the averages shown.


Ready to Get Started?

Depending on your own set of circumstances, you may be ready to become

  • a retail customer,
  • a wholesale member (who simply wants to enjoy the products at wholesale prices), or
  • a wholesale member who wants to earn money (Independent Distributor).

Whichever one you want to become, please sign up now.

Have questions? Please contact us.