The Power of Networking and Network Marketing

Everyone has networks. Learn the power of networking when it comes to business.Everyone has networks. Have you ever considered the power of networking when it comes to earning money?

Depending on your circumstances, your networks may include:

  1. Your family,
  2. Your friends and neighbors,
  3. Your co-workers,
  4. For truckers, shippers and receivers,
  5. Folks whom you meet or with whom you associate at various places or events,
  6. Folks whom you know through social media, and
  7. Vendors with whom you do business (such as your banker, plumber, insurance agent, handyman, mechanic, etc.).

Based on the reality of the networks you already have in place — and the six degrees of separation theory — the thought of having and building a business network shouldn’t scare you or strike you as odd at all.

For example…

How many times have you shared your experience (good or bad)

  • with a family member or a friend; or
  • on a social media channel?

How often have you recommended to someone else

  • a restaurant,
  • a movie or
  • a new product?

How many times have you been paid to share your experiences or recommendations?

What if you could be paid whenever you shared products with others and they bought through you?

That concept is the basis of network marketing and it can lead to a great deal of abundance if you work it correctly.

Let’s take a look…


The Power of Networking in Lifting Loads and Earning Money

There are two ways to earn money:

  • trading time for money (what most people do); and
  • leveraging time for money.

John D. Rockefeller, often regarded as the richest person in history, was quoted as saying,
“I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.”

Let’s say that you needed to move a large or heavy load. Which is easier:

  • using 100% of your own effort or
  • getting the help of, say, 6 friends?


Leveraging Time

Let’s imagine that you spend just 10 hours per week —

  • 1 hour each weekday and 5 hours each weekend or
  • 2 hours each, 5 nights a week

— to help just 6 other people whom you sponsored and enrolled in Young Living grow their businesses.
Power of Networking -- Solo for 10 Hours

What would happen if those 6 friends each spent 10 hours per week working their own businesses?

Taking that thought further, what would happen if your 6 friends each got 6 more friends to help, each spending 10 hours per week working their own businesses?
Power of Networking -- Team of 6, 2 Levels, 10 Hours each

And, consequently what would happen if this multiplication by 6 happened down 5 levels, each group working their own part-time businesses just 10 hours per week?
Power of Networking -- Team of 6, 5 Levels, 10 Hours each


How Does the Power of Networking Translate Into Money?

How do the numbers above apply to earning money?

Well, Young Living Essential Oils’ Compensation Plan pays (for those who have achieved the appropriate rank) Unilevel Commissions (not including bonuses) to the first 5 levels:
Power of Networking - Young Living's Compensation based on Unilevel Commissions to the first 5 levels.

Here is an image of a spreadsheet to show the power of networking in building an organization with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 people, each of whom duplicates in the same way. (Column G has the multiplier of 6 from the example above.) We’ll use this as the basis for calculating Unilevel Commissions down through 5 levels.
Power of networking table without commissions

And let’s plug in the Unilevel Commission percentages and calculate income based on 100 PV orders only at all 5 levels (as shown above).
Power of networking with commissions.

We have highlighted a few cells in the image to make things easier to understand:

  • If a person has two people on Level 1 of his/her organization;
  • If both of those people place a $100 average order (that is, ordering 100 “PV” or “Personal Volume”);
  • Then the 8% commission for folks on that level comes to a total of $16.

Let’s take a look at the amounts of money you could be earning monthly down through the 5 levels of your network (assuming your network of 6 duplicates exactly down through 5 levels):

  • Level 1 (6 people): $48;
  • Level 2 (36 people): $180;
  • Level 3 (216 people): $864;
  • Level 4 (1,296 people): $5,184;
  • Level 5 (7,776 people): $31,104;

If you add all of those together for all 9,330 people, your monthly income could be $37.380.

How does that kind of a paycheck sound?


Is Anyone Really Using the Power of Networking to Earn that Much Money?

Young Living Independent Distributors who had achieved the rank of Crown Diamond were recognized at Young Living's 2014 International Grand Convention.At every Young Living International Grand Convention, the people who have achieved higher ranks within the company are recognized. This photo shows Young Living Independent Distributors who had achieved the rank of Crown Diamond being recognized at Young Living’s 2014 International Grand Convention.

At that convention, we spoke briefly with the husband of a lady who had hit the rank of Diamond and he said, “Those $21,000 paychecks sure are nice!” Wow! And they get those kinds of paychecks every month (not just every year).

Of course, the more people you directly sponsor and enroll — and the more people whom they sponsor and enroll, duplicated down through the levels — the larger the chance you have of building substantial income.

When we were at Young Living’s 2013 International Grand Convention, Vicki attended a workshop taught by a lady who had enrolled over 40 people on the first level of her organization. It’s no wonder she had increased the size of her organization — and her rank and income!


Overcoming Hesitancy in Sharing Products for Money

Did you know that the strongest recommendation on earth is a word-of-mouth testimonial (aka “word of mouth marketing” or “word of mouth advertising”)?

Think about it for a moment. How many times do family members or friends share their experiences with you about a product, a service, a person, a place or event?

A house on fire is symbolic of the need to share what we know works.It turns out that we share our opinions about stuff all of the time. If we have found Young Living’s products to be valuable, why should we not get paid for a purchase someone makes based on our positive recommendation?

One lady calls this word-of-mouth testimonial “heart-centered sharing.” She says that it is actually a disservice not to share with others what you have found to be valuable to you.

It would be like seeing someone’s house on fire — knowing that you have the means by which to put out the fire — but not offering the means to help.

How so?

  • If you know someone who needs wellness, why not share Young Living’s products to help?
  • If you know someone who needs more money, why not share Young Living’s business opportunity with him/her?

He or she may or may not accept, but you don’t know until you share. And that may be the key for some people:
we don’t sell, we share.

If you’re still hesitant to take the money for your own needs, why not consider using the money to help others?

In early 2017, Vicki read a Facebook post from a lady who had achieved the rank of Young Living Royal Crown Diamond. She wrote how the abundance that she has now allows her to have influence around the world!

Around the world! Wow, what a legacy!


Contrast Business versus School-and-Job Income Paths

Put a different way, let’s look at the examples of “Ben” and “Bill”:

  • “Ben” chose to work a network marketing business on the side while working full-time, until his “part-time income” became his “full-time income” (only network marketing income shown here); and
  • “Bill” chose to go to school for 4 years and be hired by an employer who gave a “raise” every year.

If Ben was able to achieve a new rank with Young Living every year, it would take him 10 years to advance through the ranks of Distributor, Star, Senior Star, Executive, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown Diamond and Royal Crown Diamond.

Assuming that Ben’s income was exactly equal to the average annual income shown on Young Living’s 2015 Worldwide Income Disclosure Statement, here’s how the difference in their incomes might look:
Ben worked his network marketing business while Bill went to school for 4 years and then got an employer-paid job. Look at the difference in their income over the first 10 years.

Bearing in mind how inflation eats away at your buying power, which of these two income paths looks best to you?



Can you see the power of networking?

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