One-third of Americans report they have no retirement savings

Having no retirement savings is a problem for one-third of Americans, according to a March 2016 article from Furthermore, the article states that 56% of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement.

Man holding out empty pockets, signifying that he is broke and has no money. Left to continue, this man will have no retirement savings. Credit: Pixabay
Man holding out empty pockets, signifying that he is broke and has no money. Credit: Pixabay

Is that the way you want your finances to be?

Entrepreneur Eric Worre once said, “The fastest, most dependable and controllable way to become wealthy is to own your own business.”

Some people don’t think they have it in them to start a business.

Yet, the entrepreneurial spirit cannot be denied.

I read about an 11-year-old boy who started a trash business.

You may not be cut out for starting a trash-toting business. That’s OK. But you will want to consider what kind of business you want to go into.


Bashing the No Retirement Savings Problem

As long as there are people on the planet, there will always be a need for wellness.

Some wellness companies are expensive to start.

What if you could start your own wellness company inexpensively?

One way to do that is to become an “Independent Distributor” for an established and highly respected wellness company.

Furthermore, what if instead of being paid a one-time-only commission on sales that come from people you refer to that company, you could earn commissions on sales whenever they buy?

And what if the people who bought through you referred other people to the company and they made purchases, how would you like to earn a little bit of commission on those sales, too?

And what if you could earn commissions on sales down through a number of levels of people who are in your organization?

That is the beauty of leveraged income.

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