Essential Rewards

You can maximize your money with Young Living by joining their Essential Rewards Program as a wholesale member.


Essential Rewards Program

Essential Rewards Program Overview There are many advantages of enrolling in Young Living’s Essential Rewards Program and buying a minimum amount of product each month. These advantages or benefits include:

  • Easy Monthly Shipments
  • Discounted Shipping
  • Exclusive Bonuses
  • Exclusive Rewards Points

You can earn the Start Living Bonus (aka Starter Kit Bonus) and the Fast Start Bonus on your new enrollees’ orders with just a minimum 50 PV per month order.

However, in order to earn all of the commissions and bonuses you can get, you’ll want to order a minimum of 100 PV worth of products every month.

When you replace the products you’re using now with those from Young Living — what is called “transfer buying” — you may find that your new choices cost less than your old ones.


Free Products

Those in the Essential Rewards Program earn points based upon their orders that can be redeemed toward free products (terms apply).

For example, we have been able to use our Essential Rewards points toward numerous orders of items, including more expensive essential oils like Frankincense Essential Oil and Helichrysum Essential Oil.

(Among the limitations that apply for redeeming points are that the products must be “full PV”. Certain expensive products — like Rose Essential Oil and Melissa Essential Oil — cannot be redeemed with ER points. We have requested that Young Living adjust their Virtual Office so that wholesale members can see which products can and cannot be redeemed with ER points.)

Every time we open a box of Young Living products that we’ve been able to buy for just the cost of tax and shipping — meaning that we have used our Essential Rewards points to “pay” for it — it is like Christmas!

There is a thrill of anticipation associated with watching one’s points build with each order placed and then carefully selecting the products to be redeemed.


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