We Teach People How to Achieve Wellness, Purpose and Abundance.

How to Achieve Wellness, Purpose and Abundance for Your Life


We began teaching people how to achieve wellness, purpose and abundance in a most unusual way: as the result of Mike's full recovery from a severe on-the-job accident in February 2012. You may read more about us if you like.

If you had to pick one right now, which of these three would you say is most important to you:

  • wellness (products that promote health and healing -- or helping folks save money on health care);
  • purpose (having a cause greater than yourself that you can believe in and support with no reservations); or
  • abundance (earning more money for whatever needs you have -- or to fund a hobby, replace your current income or even build wealth)?

Did you know that you can have all three at the same time? Even so, please pick the area that is most important to you in order to learn more:

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